Saving you time and money.... It's that simple! Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Benny Owens (918)721-4492
Saving you time and money....It's that simple! Heating, Ventilation, Air ConditioningBenny Owens (918)721-4492


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We can provide you with valuable, expert advice on the uses and benefits of going "Green". Let the constant temperature of the earth start saving you money today,

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Our certified HVAC technicians stand behind their work.


We will assist you in the planning, installation and modernization of your climate control control system, providing energy efficienct tips whenever possible.


All of our projects begin with an inspection of your home or business. Our comprehensive assessment will provide you with a variety of products and options to fit every budget. We know how busy you are and go to great lengths to keep inconveniences to a minimum while the project is completed.   


To learn more about what we offer or discuss your climate control needs, please email us or call us at (918)721-4492.


Ben Owens Heating and Air does not stop at residential heat and cooling systems. We offer a variety of services from Commercial Refrigeration to appliance repair, so if there is something in the line up of a mechanical problem your facing, you don't have to go at it alone! Call Ben Owens Heating and Air, let us tackle your problems and turn them into possibilities!


Check out some of the pictures below and see how a routine service cleaning is done on a residential air conditioner. Remember that when we are talking about conditioning air we first need to make sure we are moving unrestricted air through each piece of equipment.


This is a unit before the tune-up.
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